A Steampunk Costume

SteamPunk...a blending of science fiction/fantasy, early industrial revolution post-apocalyptic visions, and the Victorian period. Typically involves steam powered mechanisms, so gears and leather feature prominantly.

The items on this page were inspired or influenced by this sub-culture.

  • Money Clip

    This magnetic money clip features a metal gear cog on one side with a tourquoise stud, and a filigreed gear on the opposite side backed by blue snake skin.

    Steampunk Styled Money Clip

    Steampunk Styled Money Clip

  • "Dream Machine"

    Steampunk Dream Machine

    Recycled bicycle cogs and chain pounted on leather and metal rings. Definitely a conversation piece for your wall!

    The larger ring is 14 inches in diameter and the leather suspended inside it supports the other three rings similarly mounted on leather in smaller rings (5" and 7" diameter). The chain and cogs do turn.

  • SteamPunk Themed "Top HAT" and Hatband

    A handFront View of Hat and Hatbandmade "top hat" with hatband. The conchos on the hatband all have moving parts!

    Rear ViewSide View

  • Aviator Goggles

    Steampunk Inspired Aviator's Goggles

    Handmade from leather and sheeps wool, these aviator's goggles are fitted with polarized sunglass lenses and are thus fully functional, as well as fitting with a costume!

  • PadFolios

    Tired of plain jane covers for your notepads?  Go Steampunk...sized for either 5"x8" pads or 8.5"x11" pads....could even do legal size!

    5x8 Steampunk Padfolio

    8.5x11 Steampunk Padfoli

  • Plague Doctor's Mask

    Leather Plague Doctor's MaskBased on the Venetian Plague Masks, this mask would be used by the fictional steampunk doctor to try to avoid contracting the plague as he went about his rounds.
  • Dragon Scale Bracers

    Protect your arms in battle with these leather bracers. Tooled to resemble dragon skin/scales.

  • Celtic Bracers

    Another set of bracers, but this time with celtic knots tooled on them.

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