The beauty of handcrafted leather is that the possibilities are endless. If someone can imagine it, it can (probably) be done! This page will highlight general categories of things I have done and provide a link to a page with specific examples.

Again, all these items are examples only. When there are items that I have completed and available, I'll mention them. Otherwise, I can make it for you. So, contact me if you're interested. If you're looking for something in particular and don't see it here, contact me and a sk ....odds are I can make it for you. That's the beauty of handmade items.

 That being said, let me put in a couple of disclaimers ....

      I'm not a tailor, so I can't make fancy clothes. That's not to say I can't make a simple leather vest, or chaps, or motorcycle leathers (after all they're just chaps for a motorized metal horse).

     Likewise, I'm not a saddle maker, but I can make halters or other pieces of tack and equipment for horses and/or cattle.

This "mini-saddle" is as close as I get to saddle making. It is about 3.5 inches long, requiring a very tiny cowpoke to ride it! 

A note on pricing :  Prices on individual items are shown on the different pages. These prices are indicative only since this is custom work. If your desired design requires more or less work or materials, it could affect the price. These prices are provided to give you an idea of the possible cost. They also exclude the cost of shipping. To get an actual price quote, contact me and we'll settle on the work and I'll provide you a quote.

  • Ric's Leather on the Web

    Here's a brief video from the musical group "Celtic CrossRoads" . I'm including this here because the guitar player James Riley is wearing a belt and belt buckle from Ric's Leather! The best place to see it is in the segment where the group is taking their bow.
  • Belts, Hatbands and related Items

         The link above will take you to a page showing a sampling of belts and related items that I've made. Related items include hatbands, guitar straps, rifle slings....essentially different forms of straps.

    There's a guide to the proper measurement of a belt to ensure it will fit you.

  • Wallets, clutches, purses  and related items             

    This page shows examples of wallets, checkbook covers, clutches, purses, messenger bags/briefcases/laptop cases, passport covers, cell phone or I-pod cases, etc. There are suitable examples for both men and women.

    There's also a story on the making of a purse.

  • dream-catchers and dream-makers

    Capture your good dreams and let the nightmares escape with a dream catcher! Besides the traditional dream catchers as shown here, I also make non-traditional ones that I call "dream makers."  Take a look and order yours today!

  • Key Chains, wristbands, barrettes

    A variety of less expensive items that can still provide beauty and pleasure.

  • "Art work"

    Not sure what to call this collection of special items, so settled on "Art Work." Decorations or pictures in leather that can add to your home or office decor.

  • Office related

    Just because it's an office doesn't mean it can't be beautiful, personal and classy. See some of the handcreafted leather possibilities for an office or business professional.

  • For pets and Bikers

    Need a collar or lead for your pet?

    How about a new seat cover or saddlebags for your motorcycle?

    These are the pages to find these items!

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