We are introducing laser engraving services in early 2014! Using a CO2 laser, we will be able to cut, engrave or mark a wide variety of materials and products allowing us to customize items you've purchased or custom create something just for you!

Examples of what is possible are shown below.

  • Engraving leather

    The smooth surface and consistent texture of leather provides an ideal surface for engraving.

  • Wood

    Wood, especially lighter colored hardwood, is another excellent surface for laser engraving.

  • Ceramics

    Engraved and gold added to the engraved portion

    Another excellent material for engraving. Add patterns, names, logos, etc. to mugs, tiles, or other ceramic items!

  • Cutting and Engraving Acrylic

    Engraved acrylic sign lit up with LEDs
  • Leather Covered Items

    These leather covered items involve a mixture of laser engraving and leather tooling.

    Leather covered flaskLeather covered travel mugs

  • Water Bottles and painted metals

    Star Wars Themed Water Bottle
  • Bamboo or Wooden Cutting Boards

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