Possibilities include rifle slings, holsters of various types, scabbards or cases, or knife sheathes.

Just let us know what you want!

  • Western Gun Rig

    Gunbelt with dual hosters for the classic 1857 Colt Revolver (and clones).

  • 0.357 Smith & Wesson Pre-Model 27 Holster

    357 Smith & Wesson Holster
  • Rifle slings

    This is a standard sling for your rifle,
    but it can become your special
    item with customized tooling and colors.

    Other styles and designs can be done at your request. See the " More Pictures " page for other examples.

  • Holsters

    I can makHolster for Long Barrelled Semi-Automatice a variety of different styles of holsters.

    The picture shown here is for a semi-automatic, 4.5-5 inch barrel.

    I have similiar generic patterns that can be personalized for shorter barrel semi-automatics and different sized revolvers. I also have a variety of patterns for Colt 1911 holsters.

  • Soft-sided Pistol case

    Pistol Case ... Exterior View

    Need a case to protect a pistol? Consider a soft-sided leather case with interior padding. As always design and pattern choice are up to you!

    Pistol Case ... Interior View

  • Gunslinger Holster and Gun Belt

    Go back to the Old West with this or similiar Holsters and Gunbelts.

  • Skeleton Themed Rifle Sling

    This is a custom sling in terms of size and design...just to show that all kinds of things are possible! Back is covered in suede leather with artificial wooling lining.

    Main design with ammo loops...

  • Highly Tooled Bowie Knife Sheath

    Scagel Bowie & Sheath

    Heavily tooled sheath for a classy Bowie knife.

    Scagel Bowie & Sheath-Back

  • Knife Sheathes


    Custom Knife Sheath

    Standard Knife Sheath


    A leather sheath for your knife should be considered a necessity for protection, transportation and display. Standard designs are available for blades up to 5" long and blades up to 7" long.´╗┐

    Have a special knife that needs a special home? Get a custom sheath made for it. Can be open topped as in the pictures above or closed with a flap. As always, tooled and colored as you want it.

  • Truly Custom Knife Sheathes

    You get a special knife made that shall we say is not typical. Any sort of standard sheath just won't work. That's when it's time to contact us and let us make a custom sheath. To do it right though, we will need the knife. Here's one example!

    Deer horn handled knife and a custom sheath

    Knife out

    Rear of the sheath

  • Other Possibilities

    Possibilities are endless, but among them are hunting belts, bags, holsters, quivers, etc.

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