The current focus is on products for dogs, but others are clearly possible!

I also make and repair tack and equipment for horses or cows.

If you don't see it, ASK!

  • Pet Portraits

    Have a picture of your pet that you'd like in leather?  I'd love to do it for you and then place it in a leather frame!

  • Strap Leads for training and the casual walk

    The ideal leash for day-to-day use. You specify the overall length and width, leather color and hardware color (nickel plated or brass). The leather can either be single layer (shown here) or double layer sewn together for extra strength. There's also a choice of type of snaps, either typical snaps, trigger snaps (shown here), or marine snaps.

    Special designs or names can be added, depending on the width of the lead.

    While you're at it, why not get a matching collar as well!

  • Braided Leads

    Again a day-to-day leash, but with a bit more elegance. Same choices as with the strap lead, but can get more creative by mixing colors of the braided strands.

  • Show Leads

    The challenge of competition! Again show leads can be either strap or braided; slip or snap. You pick the combination that you need. As always,  you specify the length, width and color to best show your dog.

    (Strap --0.5 inch--snap lead shown bottom left)

    (Strap --0.5 inch--slip lead shown bottom right)

    Snap show leadSlip lead

  • collars

     Buckle collars or slip collars are possible. Again you can specify the width, length and color of the leather and hardware. Want to add some bling to your pet's collar? It's possible, but let's be sure to keep it safe for you and your pet!

    Sizing slip collars (picture to the right)--measure the circumference of your dogs head, then reduce it a bit since the leather will stretch a bit.

    Dog collars with dog's name and owner's phone number all built int!

    Regular Dog Collar

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