• Basic Guitar Strap

    Basic Guitar Strap with Buckstitching

     This is the basic guitar strap with a backetweave pattern and accents for a New Orleans Saints fan. The white buckstitched border provides a nice eyecatching highlight. This model adjustes by moving the strap that weaves through the slots.

  • Ric's Leather Guitar Strap

    Ric's Leather Guitar Strap 01Ric's Leather Guitar Strap 02

    The Ric's Leather Guitar Strap....

    This is a wider strap that adjusts via the buckles and end straps.  This one has the straplock connectors on it plus conchos .

  • More Guitar Straps

    Multiple Guitar Strap Models

    More guitar straps showing variations in style and treatments. The top one is another version of the basic guitar strap, but without any buckstitching. The lower one is another version of the Ric's Leather Guitar Strap lined with suede.

  • Custom Guitar Straps

    Custom One Piece Guitar Strap

    Want something different from the above standard straps? Then go custom ... this one piece custom guitar strap is one example!

  • Leather Belt Buckles

    Custom Belt Buckle on it's way to IrelandCustom Belt Buckle

    You don't want to scratch your instrument so get a leather covered belt buckle custom made just for you!

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