I am honored to be able to help you honor your lost colleagues.

Example of a Two Name Cuff

The basic structure of the cuff is cowhide leather with a pigskin lining. Standard color is black with brass hardware. Added to this is brass plaque with the information concerning your lost comrade(s) you wish to honor. I am able to do plates with either one or two names. (See pictures of cuffs completed to date .) The agreed strcuture for the plates are:

1 Name Plate (1" x 3")
Rank First Name LastNameKIA date
1/4 CAV 1ST ID Baghdad Iraq


2 Name Plate (1.5" x 3"
Rank First Name Last Name
KIA date
Rank First Name Last Name
KIA date
1/4 CAV 1ST ID Baghdad Iraq

The information on your lost comrades is found in this link .

Both a two name and one name version

You can use the form below for ordering cuffs. The information required, besides your information, is:

- Name(s) of people to be honored
- Type of Plate (1 Name or 2 Name; brass or brushed aluminium plate)
- Width of Cuff (1.5" or 2"; you have a choice if using the 1 Name Plate; if using the 2 Name Plate, you have to use the 2" cuff)
- Length of Cuff (see the description of the protocol for measuring your wrist below)
- Type of Closure (see options below)

Pricing: Prices range from $25 to $45 depending on the options selected. This link shows the prices. Shipping and handling is added to these prices.

Payment:  Payment will be via PayPal, Western Union or check. Once you place your order and we have details agreed, I will place your order on the payment page of this site if using PayPal and send you a link, or send you the final amount if paying via Western Union or check.

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