This page shows additional possibilities that leather presents for decorating a house or office. As always, see the " More Pictures " page for further examples.

  • Oklahoma Aquarium Mural

    This is one of several pieces made for the Oklahoma Aquarium ( ) in Jenks, Oklahoma.

  • Sea Turtle

    Another piece made for the Oklahoma Aquarium, this picture celebrates the two sea turtles that the Aquarium has.

  • Lion Fish

    A final piece made for the Oklahoma Aquarium.

  • Dog Portrait

    My daughter headed to college and couldn't take her dog with her. This leather portrait was able to go.

  • Treebeard the ent

    Designed to sit on a table or can be hung on the wall without the stand. This portrait of "TreeBeard the Ent" from the Lord of the Rings will be a big hit with any LOTR fan.

    TreeBeard the Ent

  • Historic Tulsa

    Tulsa, Oklahoma has a rich history which is celebrated in this collection of small leather pictures. Cains Ballroom--"The House the Bob (Wills) Built" has been a center for live music since before World War II. The "Tulsa Driller" stands proudly in front of the fairgrounds celebrating Tulsa's historic role in the growth of the oil industry. "The Praying Hands" stand at the entrance of Oral Roberts University. Finally, "Route 66"--"The Morther Road"--runs through Tulsa.

  • Cain's ballroom

    This is a larger more complete picture of Cain's Ballroom. This piece now resides in Colorado. The edges are unfinished since it was to be framed.

    Any landmark can be converted to a leather portrait...all I need is a picture.

  • boston avenue methodist church

    The Boston Avenue Methodist Church is another famous landmark in Tulsa. The Art Deco features of the church are too numerous to mention. This is my attempt to capture one small part of this amazing structure.

    No your eyes aren't off..the photgraph is not straight.
  • Masks

    These masks are formed of wet leather on a manikin head and allowed to dry before being dyed. Versions to wear, or to use as wall hangings are possible. Those for wall hangings are stiffened using polyurethane. The idea for the black and white masks come from a classic episode of Star Trek.

    Mask for Rapper

    Mardi Gras Mask with Bling

  • ornaments and other decorations

    Use leather ornaments and decorations to help celebrate Christmas or any holiday.

  • Bell Strap

    A bell strap makes an excellent seasonal decoration or can serve as a stylish doorbell. Size and types of bells, tooling and colors can be provided to order. Also the inclusion or not of a suede lining is up to you.

  • Native American War shield

    The War Shield
    This Native American War Shield is a fun example celebrating American history and culture. Follow this link to a story explaining the shield and how it was constructed .
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